Reshma's Holiday Gifting Guide

We have officially reached the peak of the holiday season! With Diwali having passed at the beginning of November, Thanksgiving has just concluded, and Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, the Solar and Lunar New Years, and  many other celebrations around the world are quickly approaching.
The 2021 year has felt like a surreal blur, that’s for sure. So, how are you going to rejoice and be present with your loved ones this holiday season? We have a few fun ideas for thoughtful gifts for the whole family. Whether it is Mom, Dad, a sibling, grandparent, or your lovable Great Aunt Bobbi who is visiting this year, they will all find a treat in these gifts, which can be used to celebrate solo self-care or an event everyone can take part in.
Let’s share in the care!


To start off, what are you getting mom? What do you get the woman who does nothing but care for everyone around her and takes little time for herself? We’ll be the first to tell you: this year, shower her with a loving bundle of nourishing goodies. Tell her she gets this beautiful basket of self-care treats and an entire day to herself – she’ll be in pure bliss!
There is nothing better than gifting her the rest and relaxation she craves! Happy holidays, mamas – we see you, and you are doing such a great job!
Mama’s suggestion is our Reshma Beauty® Turmeric Gold Bundle which includes our Turmeric Cream, Turmeric Soap, Ubtan (Turmeric) Face Mask, and Turmeric Face Wash.
Benefits for Mama:
We can’t talk enough about turmeric. The golden spice is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and is raved about for its healing benefits when used topically and orally! This magic spice will have mama feeling smooth, radiant, nourished, and so, so loved.


If your dad is like ours, then he is all go, go, go. Time to slow down, dads, and take a moment to give yourself a little bit of nourishment! We have a revolutionary three-step system for busy dads like you.
This combination will have you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and willing to leave the holiday decorations up a few minutes longer to spend with your loved ones, enjoying every second you can with them.
So, wash your face, scrub away the stress of the day, and hydrate from head to toe. When you feel good, those around you notice and love to see you love yourself. This year, give Dad his quiet moments!
Dad’s suggestions are our Reshma Beauty® Cucumber & Aloe Face Wash, Walnut Scrub, and Henna Oil for Dry Hair & Skin or Henna Oil for Normal Hair & Skin – depending on your dad’s specific haircare and skincare needs. Each item is easy to use and can be added to any daily routine. Take care of Dad!
Benefits for Dad:
Combining the invigorating sense of cucumber with the soothing powers of aloe vera, mixed with the vitamin-rich and rejuvenating walnut scrub, and topping off with the ultra-hydrating henna oil – dad will feel in complete peace and wash the stress away with ease.


When getting a gift for your siblings, it can be either the easiest thing in the world because they’re already stealing your stuff, so you get them their own, or it’s the world’s most challenging task because they love to be difficult.
Don’t fret! Whatever your scenario, we have a seamless solution for you! Trust us on this gift – it will not only be beneficial for them, but it also acts as a fun activity to do with everyone together. It may seem simple, but this game-changing DIY face mask can be perfectly tailored for each sibling’s skin type.
Gift them this delightful treat and make your masks together. The best part is, face masks are the perfect way to get them to stop talking for a minute!
Sibling suggestions are our Reshma Beauty® Multani Mitti Face Mask or our Ubtan – Turmeric Face Mask. Each of our 100% natural masks can be personalized for each sibling’s skin needs.
Benefits for Siblings:
Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, a perfect clay mask and DIY ingredients make the best mask for your specific skin needs. No bottle has the all-in-one fix because no face is the same. Take a little bit of powder from one of the pouches, pour out what you need, seal it back up to use for when you want to use it again, and you are ready for your spa night. The Ubtan is ideal for hydrating and restoring dry patches on your skin. Add milk or Greek yogurt for extra hydration. If you have oily skin, dive into the Multani Mitti, which is perfect for soaking up excess oils and bringing out your skin’s wonderful natural glow. Plus, hyperpigmentation doesn’t stand a chance against either of these powders.


The gems of the family, the rocks, the sweet angels that they are. They deserve something special! As much as we would love to give them the world, we can’t exactly gift a whole planet. So instead, we have something a little more manageable for you that we believe they will love a whole lot more.
Great to use for hair and skin; they will love this to help stay moisturized and hydrated longer. They will love to apply this oil from head to toe after a gentle dry brush to feel aligned and loved. Bonus points if you make it extra special by massaging one of our natural oils into their scalp for them as a bonding moment! 
Grandparent’s suggestion is one of Reshma Beauty® nourishing henna oils available in our Henna Oil for Normal Hair & Skin, our Henna Oil for Dry Hair & Skin, and our Henna Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment for Hair & Skin.
Benefits for Grandparents:
A blend of five exotic natural oils, any of our henna oil formulas will benefit grandma’s or grandpa’s hair and skin. Bond together and bask in their wisdom as you gently massage the oil into their scalp and skin to help make hair soft, shiny, silky, strong, and smooth. In addition, their skin and scalp will be healthy, rejuvenated, and glowing!

Surprise Relatives 

Your family’s big holiday celebrations are coming up quickly when randomly you receive a call that a relative, who lives states away, is dropping in for a visit this year. Of course, you love this relative, but now that is one more gift you didn’t realize you needed to get!
No worries! Something that always comes in handy is a few self-care items they can enjoy throughout their travels. Nothing says welcome for the holidays like the sweet, refreshing scent of rose and the relaxing feeling of this mist. Gift them one, maybe two if you’re feeling even more in the holiday spirit. Your Great Aunt Bobbi or Sixth Cousin Joan will genuinely appreciate this!
The surprise guest’s suggestion is a bottle of our Reshma Beauty® Rose Water Toner to help everyone feel extra jolly while in each other’s company.
Benefits for Surprise Guests:
Rose Water Toner is such a fun product to have around. It’s fantastic to use on makeup sponges when applying makeup, or afterward to set your look. Reduce stress with a refreshing spritz; rosewater is known to lower cortisol levels to calm and revitalize you. Plus, the cooling sensation of rosewater soothes and treats irritated and inflamed skin – relieving and aiding the skin’s natural healing response. After lots of traveling, your holiday guest will be so thankful for this toner!

As you come together with those you love whom you call family, remember to be especially present this year. Take in every moment you get to share. As always: stay safe, stay healthy, and stay beautiful.
Happy Holidays, Reshma Family!
Love, Reshma ❤️