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Rose Water Toner


Rose water is a nature-derived anti-oxidant that aids in restoring natural pH balance and moisture, helping maintain young and fresh-looking skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help soothe irritation, refresh a tired look, and relieve sunburn symptoms with a cooling sensation. The sweet and tender Rose scent will take your mind to a calm, relaxed state.

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  • Reviews (3)

    1. Shuchi

      This toner is the bomb!!! It’s so light and refreshing. And the best part is it isn’t sticky! Highly recommend!

    2. Nisha

      Love this toner! I bought my first bottle from Ross, and haven’t been able to find it again so now I’ll be ordering from the site directly! My skin feels so refreshed after using it!

    3. Bethany

      OMG this rose water is amazing leaves my skin so smooth and fresh I feel so clen after this rose water and the price is good as well definitely recommend like,you need to!!!

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