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In today’s chemical world, more and more women are searching for products that are healthy and safe for their bodies. Reshma® Beauty transcends age, gender and ethnicities and is safe for anyone to use, anytime. These days, people are more health-conscious than ever before, and desire all-natural, green, healthy and safe beauty options.

With a history spanning over 20 years, Reshma® Beauty is a family owned business, which operates from farms based in India.

Reshma® Beauty CEO, Reshma Dordi continues to push through her father’s brand philosophies with innovative new products and  reaching new customers and markets every day. Our hope is that you enjoy nature’s best kept secret.

As a result of there being so few natural beauty choices in the mainstream market, Reshma® Beauty’s growing popularity in brand recognition has far exceeded beyond the South Asian market. A few examples of such mass recognition include Reshma® Beauty winning the ‘Best New Product’ at ECRM, Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing.

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Our lines of Classic Henna, 30 Minute Henna, Skin Care, Oils, Soaps, and our newly added Henna Infused Deep Conditioner, Reshma Beauty products provide you with healthy and environmentally friendly options for beautification.


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Reshma Beauty is one of the leading brands in demand for over the last 20 years in the South Asian market, and is rapidly expanding into today’s mainstream market as well.



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