Henna Oil for Normal Hair and Skin

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Reshma Beauty Henna Oil for Normal Hair and Skin is a deep conditioning treatment that adds luster, shine, body and volume to hair to maintain healthy growth. Keeps your hair and skin nourished and glistening in the healthiest possible way. Reshma Henna Oil will help make your hair soft, shiny, silky, strong and smooth. Your skin will look healthy, rejuvenated and glowing.

Benefits: Adds luster, shine, body and volume to the hair. Makes your hair soft, shiny, silky, strong and smooth. Blend of 5 exotic nourishing oils. Keeps your hair healthy, nourished and glistening. Softens and conditions your skin. Minimizes wrinkles and helps erase stretch marks. Penetrates the skin without clogging pores.

Directions for hair: For deep conditioning, take a generous amount of Reshma Henna Oil and apply evenly to your scalp and throughout your hair. Leave in for 30 minutes or longer, if desired. Shampoo and condition as usual (repeat if necessary). For leave-in conditioner, use a small amount (dime size) of Reshma Henna Oil and apply evenly to wet or dry hair, style as desired. For better results, use Reshma Henna Oil 2-3 times a week.

Directions for skin: Apply and massage a small amount of oil to your skin on desired areas. Apply generously and massage to dry areas like the elbows and knees to obtain maximum hydration. This will seal in the moisture leaving skin soft, smooth and radiant. For best results use daily.

Ingredients: Henna Extract, Cinnamon Oil, Olive Oil, Almonds Oil, Clove Oil, Light Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance.

Cinnamon oil: Prevents hair breakage and reduces hair loss. Restores skin softness.

Olive oil: Ultimate moisturizer for hair and skin. Repairs and renews skin giving it a natural glow.

Almond oil: Stimulates hair growth. Helps removing dirt and rough of dead skin cells.

Clove oil: Hair volumizer and thickener treats the scalp for dandruff. Moisturizes dry skin leaving skin smoother and healthier.

Henna extract: Improves hair health and reduces hair loss. Ultimate moisturizer locking in hydration to your hair and skin

100% Natural. Henna infused 5 exotic nourishing oils for hair and skin. Nourishing moisture. 3 fl oz / 88 ml

Made in India

UPC: 855144003260

Reshma® Beauty Henna Oil Treatment For Normal Hair

4 reviews for Henna Oil for Normal Hair and Skin

  1. Daria

    This oil has been a godsend for my curly, dry hair. I discovered it a few months ago when buying henna, and use it ever since every time I wash my hair or when straightening. I’ve always struggled with split ends, but because my hair is naturally thin, most products weigh it down and make it look greasy. This oil, I just use on the tips and brush with my fingertips up to midpoint, and my hair looks great! I’ve noticed mush less splitting and dryness, and I love the subtle exotic smell and the ingredients are all natural and simple. Thank you Reshma Beauty for this awesome oil!

  2. Smita Vasant

    Love the hair oils! Not greasy at all and help tame and soften my frizzy hair.

  3. K

    Finally my hair is growing and thickening. They said my hair follicles were damaged and my hair would not grow again. It’s growing and I’m grateful!

  4. Julie Sullaway

    I have received many compliments as I used the Reshmafe Normal Hair Oil. I had only used it for a week & noticed how much shine it had added to my dry very long brown hair. The smell alone is heavenly. People ask what are you using your hair looks so shiny & smells pretty? I love Reshmafe Normal Hair Oil it has not only is repairing my dry hair it also smells so therapeutic! I will always continue to buy it forever thank you so much for providing this wonderful natural product it is truly a blessing, who would have guessed?

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