Natural, Organic Hair Color that Revitalizes and Restores

Henna Hair Color

Vibrant, Long-Lasting Hair Color

Henna hair color comes from a time-honored tradition of using natural, organic ingredients to revitalize hair and create vibrant, long-lasting colors. At Reshma Beauty, we honor these traditions in our Classic Henna and 30-Minute Henna Hair Colors. When you choose our natural hair colors, you can be certain that we never use toxic or synthetic ingredients. Our hair color is formulated to support healthy hair and revitalize your hair's natural glow.

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Classic Henna Hair Color

All natural and organic

No harsh chemicals

Leaves hair feeling silky and soft 

Enhances hair growth

100% vegan

1–3 hour application

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30-Minute Henna Hair Color

All natural and organic

No harsh chemicals

Boosts fullness and protects hair

30-minute application

Completely covers greys

100% vegan

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Henna Cones

A natural hair paste

No harsh chemicals

Can be used for a quick spot treatment

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The Benefits of Reshma Henna Hair Color

Whether you choose our Classic Henna Hair Color or our 30-Minute Henna Hair Color, you can enjoy all of the following benefits:

✔ Paraben-free

✔ Chemical-free

✔ 100% vegan

✔ All-natural ingredients

✔ 100% organic

✔ Supports healthy hair

✔ Restores and revitalizes

✔ No artificial ingredients

✔ No harsh chemical smell

✔ Long-lasting, vibrant color

About Reshma Beauty

Reshma Beauty is a family-owned and operated company with roots that encapsulate Ayurvedic practices and Indian holistic wellness traditions. We create natural beauty products based on beauty rituals passed down in our family for generations. The result is products like our Henna Hair Color made from natural, organic ingredients. When applied, henna gently nourishes and revitalizes your hair, while imparting a vibrant hue that you are sure to love. Are you ready to experience the difference that using natural, organic hair color makes? Browse our selection of henna hair colors today and order your favorite shade.
30-Minute Henna Highlights - Natural Glow Semi-Permanent Hair Color
30 Minute Henna - Natural Black Semi-Permanent Hair Color
30 Minute Henna - Natural Dark Brown Semi-Permanent Hair Color
30 Minute Henna - Natural Wine Red Semi-Permanent Hair Color