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Henna Oil for Dry Hair and Skin


Reshma Beauty Henna Oil for Dry Hair and Skin is a deep conditioning treatment that restores moisture, softens split ends, and adds radiant shine to hair. Reduces the appearance of dandruff and helps mend split ends. It nourishes dry skin without clogging your pores. Reshma Henna Oil makes the skin soft and supple as well as rejuvenates hair to be healthier and shinier.

Benefits: Restores moisture, softens split ends and adds radiant shine to the hair. Reduces the appearance of dandruff and helps mend split ends. Rejuvenates your hair for healthier, shinier and lustrous hair. Blend of 5 exotic nourishing oils. The perfect skin moisturizer. Penetrates the skin without clogging pores. Healthy skin regimen, improves skin complexion and retains skin glow.

Directions for hair: For deep conditioning, take a generous amount of Reshma Henna Oil and apply evenly to your scalp and throughout your hair. Leave in for 30 minutes or longer, if desired. Shampoo and condition as usual (repeat if necessary). For leave-in conditioner, use a small amount (dime size) of Reshma Henna Oil and apply evenly to wet or dry hair. Style as desired. For better results, use Reshma Henna Oil 2-3 times a week.

Directions for skin: Apply and massage a small amount of oil to your skin on desired areas. Apply generously and massage to dry areas like the elbows and knees to obtain maximum hydration. This will seal in the moisture, leaving skin soft, smooth and radiant. For best results, use daily.

Ingredients: Henna Extract, Jojoba Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Light Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance

Jojoba Oil: Moistens hair and fortifies it against further damage. Makes skin soft and supple.

Cedar Wood Oil: Stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth. Helps fight acne, making your skin softer.

Olive oil: Ultimate moisturizer for hair and skin. Repairs and renews skin giving it a natural glow.

Tea tree oil: Antibacterial and antiseptic agent, keeps your scalp healthy. Helps fight acne, leaving your skin radiant and smooth.

Henna Extract: Improves hair health and reduces hair loss. Ultimate moisturizer locking in hydration to your hair and skin.

100% Natural. Henna infused 5 exotic nourishing oils. For hair and skin. Luxurious moisture. Dry hair and skin. 3 fl oz / 88 ml

Made in India

UPC: 855144003277

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  • Reshma® Beauty Dry & Damaged Hair Oil

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  • Reviews (4)

    1. Rochelle

      This product just works! I’ve tried both the Normal and Thinning and they work great but dry and damage is by far my favorite. I honestly feel like it helped out my split ends.

    2. Kate Tumanova

      This oil changed my life! I had no idea my hair can grow so much faster and look so much better! Used it twice a week for about two months and the results are amazing! I would just leave it over night, shampoo in the am and have the most gorgeous hair ever! Thank you!

    3. Samantha

      I have tried the soap and the oil for dry hair and skin to test on clearing my acne that I have been struggling with along my chin the last month .. So the turmeric soap I used to wash my Face after I completely took off all my make up with a face wash… And then I would apply the blue oil and massage it into my skin for one minute gently… and in just 3 days! Omg clearing my skin drastically and calmed the redness!

    4. Alexa (verified owner)

      This oil is fantastic I used twice already and my hair looks beautiful and shiny 🙂

      Thank you

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