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Reshma® Henna-Infused Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Packette


This deep penetrating hair conditioner helps to increase moisture and repair hair damage. Infused with 100% Natural Henna this conditioner has been designed to restore your hair back to its optimal strength and shine. This at-home conditioning treatment is ideal for chemically processed or over-processed hair that truly need the infusion of moisture and nutrients. Reverse the damage and give your hair the beautiful attention it deserves.

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  • Reshma® Beauty Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Tutorial

    After shampooing your hair thoroughly apply a generous amount of the Reshma® Henna-Infused Deep Conditioning Hair Mask and comb through for through distribution. Place a plastic cap over the hair and sit under a warm dryer, if possible for 10 -15 minutes or leave on the hair for 45 minutes to 1 hour without heat, rinse thoroughly. Each box includes twelve 1.75 oz individual packets.

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    1. Samantha

      Good afternoon I was so excited to try the hair mask! So today I did! I washed my hair twice and the second time rinsed with tolerable hot water to really open the pores on my scalp and my hair cuticles and I squeezed the excess water from my head and applied 90% of that packet to my hair, really focusing from mid head down to my ends. I gently massaged it in my hair and massaged it in my scalp. I then clipped it on the top of my Head and allowed it to sit for 20 min while I finished whatever I need to in the shower and then I rinsed it…(did not use any other conditioner at all) And I let my hair air dry and I love it! Thank you so much for it !:))

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