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Reshma® Multani Mitti – Fuller’s Earth Face Mask


Multani Mitti is an all-natural cleanser and clarifying agent. It is a clay mask that comes from a rock originating from India. It is excellent for any kind of blemishes especially acne-prone skin as it removes the excess oil leaving the skin feeling fresh, clean, radiant and toned. Multani Mitti is a strong absorbent for oily skin as well.

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  • Reshma® Beauty Multani Mitti Face Mask

    The Power of Details

    The box include:

    • Instructions
    • Multani Mitti powder

    Because Multani Mitti is in the purest powder form, the product has unlimited shelf life and never expires.


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  • Reviews (2)

    1. Ashley Horton

      This mask is truly amazing!! It was super easy to mix together. Once I applied it I instantly felt it tighten, so I knew it was working! After 10 mins it was time to wash off… I was amazed on how rejuvenated my skin looked after using this one time! This is a fun and affordable mask!! I highly recommend this to any beauty junkie like myself who is looking for a product that really works!!! You will thank me later!!! I love this mask!!!

    2. Heath

      I tried this bc my gf had made a tsp of the powder and mixed it and had a lil bit left over! I had her apply it to my face and it tightened up really well…after i washed it off my face felt really smooth and super clean! Great mask, especially for the price! Great product def recommend!

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