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Classic Henna – Original


Reshma Beauty Classic Henna is an all-natural and organic hair color and conditioner that contains no harsh chemicals like ammonia or peroxide. It makes your hair strong, soft and silky and gives it a beautiful hue. It helps remove dandruff, prevents hair loss, hair breakage and enhances hair growth. It will not damage or penetrate hair’s original structure, but will nourish it. Also, it can be used as a decorative natural dye for hands and feet.

Instructions: Pour the Reshma Beauty Classic Henna powder into a bowl. Gradually add water. Mix thoroughly into a thick creamy paste-like consistency and let sit 1-3 hours. Wear gloves to protect against staining. Apply paste to hair evenly. Leave in for 1-3 hours. Rinse well until water runs clear, then shampoo and condition. We recommend using Reshma Beauty Henna Shampoo and Reshma Beauty Henna Conditioner. For more tips, see insert.

Includes detailed insert. Does not contain gloves.

For external use only. Resulting color may vary according to original hair texture and color.

Original: Henna (Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder)

All classic henna is 150 grams per box. 100% Vegan.

Made in India

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    The 3 hour process sets aside the perfect quiet period for pampering and relaxation. Whether facial, massage, manicure, or pedicure, take the time to rejuvenate your mind body and spirit.

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    1. Claire

      I’ve been using henna for about two years now and I love the effect it has had on my hair. I have medium brown hair and it doesn’t stain color my hair noticeably – my hairdresser said that’s probably because my hair is not very porous. But it does give me a beautiful golden glow. I can especially see it in direct light. Some people add different natural ingredients, like black tea or beet juice to give it a different color – I might try that in the future. I tend to get lazy and wait about two months to refresh, but even so I’ve also noticed that my hair is growing stronger and fuller. I want to keep my natural hair color as long as possible, and I love this alternative to chemical hair dyes.

    2. Renee

      It works well on my 4C hair making it strong and manageable

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