30 Minute Henna – Natural Dark Brown 

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Nourish & Nurture Your Beauty & Wellness With All-Natural Henna

30 Minute Henna – Natural Dark Brown 



Nurture your hair with the protective power of henna – in only 30 minutes! Reshma Beauty 30 Minute Henna in Natural Dark Brown enhances luster and shine, covers greys and deeply conditions. Treat your hair with beautiful color!

  • Nourishing color: Color and condition at the same time – 30 Minute Henna coats the hair shaft, boosting fullness and protecting hair
  • Say goodbye to greys: 30 Minute Henna completely covers grey hair
  • A gentle way to color: 30 Minute Henna is ammonia-free, peroxide-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free
  • Everything you need: Each box of 30 Minute Henna comes with our rich, conditioning semi-permanent hair color, detailed instructions, gloves and application brush included

Directions: Pour the Reshma Henna powder into a bowl. Gradually add water. Mix thoroughly into a creamy, paste-like consistency. Wear gloves (included) to protect against staining. Apply paste to hair evenly with application brush (included). Leave in for 30-45 minutes. Rinse well until water runs clear, then shampoo and condition. For best results, use Reshma Henna Shampoo and Conditioner.

Be advised: Patch test this and all hair color before use to check for possible allergic reactions. Do not use 30 Minute Henna on eyelashes, eyebrows, beards or mustaches.

Natural Dark Brown: Henna (Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder), Tartaric Acid, p-Aminophenol, Sodium Perborate, Cellulose Gum, p-Phenylenediamine, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium metabisulfite

30 grams / 1.05 OZ

100% Vegan. Made in India

Additional information

Natural Dark Brown 

It provides deep conditioning and helps remove dandruff. Unlike hair coloring which penetrates through the hair shaft, Henna gently coats the hair by sealing in moisture, making the hair thicker, stronger, shinier and lustrous.
Reshma Henna is available in 7 colors:
Natural Black
Natural Wine Red
Natural Midnight Blue
Natural Dark Chocolate
Natural Light Brown
Natural Chestnut
Natural Burgundy

Customer Reviews

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Sherry Barbot
30 Minute Henna is Fantastic!

I have colored my hair for over 25 years, and have mostly used traditional color with peroxide and all of the other chemicals. I know that it has been very hard on my hair, and I wanted to try something more natural. I did not think a henna color formula would actually cover gray. This 30 minute henna actually does the job. It is amazing how well it colors my gray hair. It looks beautiful. I combine this Dark Brown color with the Chestnut color, and it looks fantastic. I have received many compliments on my hair color, and condition, and I am very happy choosing this new more natural way of coloring my hair. I also think it adds great body to my hair.

Jackie Stone
Fantastic product

LOVE the color its beautiful. The product does not dry out my hair or burn my scalp.And the color last for over 30 days.

Aanchal Sethi
30 Minute Henna - Natural Dark Brown

My hair was all gray. I tried regular henna and after leaving it for 4 hours on my hair, I did not see good results. It did not cover the gray. I am so happy that I tried Reshma's 30 Minute Henna and very happy with the results. My hair looks so different now. I like the color and it looks very natural unlike dyes. Thank you Reshma beauty for this.

Lynette Allen-Perry

30 Minute Henna - Natural Dark Brown 

Frances Everette-Gayther
No more gray!!!

My hair was gray and a dull looking dark brown. I wanted to color my hair but without using a product with ammonia and peroxide in it. I decided to research henna products and learned about Reshma Henna. What a find! I am so glad I tried it. I tried it for the first time last night and am very happy with the results. My hair feels and looks so different now. I like it. Looking forward to using more Reshma products in the future. You have a loyal customer!

About Our Henna Products

Our henna isn’t a beauty secret. It's a timeless tradition.

Our henna is made using only all-natural and organic ingredients, just like the first henna powders and pigments that were first made in India centuries ago. The natural powers and nourishing properties of henna were discovered long before our modern times, but there’s a reason we continue to harness their natural properties and herbal benefits in our hair care formulas today.

At Reshma, we use only all-natural henna and herbal ingredients in our hair care formulas, which include a wide range of beautifying, fortifying, and naturally nourishing products. Our henna is infused with care into our organic offerings for hair color, hair masks, and shampoo and conditioner. We also offer restorative hair serums and oils to add a vibrant touch of natural glow and gloss.

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100% Natural & Organic Henna

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No Artificial Or Synthetic Ingredients

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Supports Healthy Hair & Skin

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No Harsh Chemicals or Parabens

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Nourishes & Moisturizes

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Revitalizes & Restores Natural Glow

Benefits Of Henna — Beauty, Wellness, & Beyond

Why Henna? Even though it’s been countless years since its first use for beauty and cultural practices, today, henna remains a vital traditional element of many Eastern cultures and traditions — as well as an extremely beneficial ingredient in our natural hair care and skin care products. Henna-based products from Reshma are made only with all-natural, plant-based, and herbal ingredients — but when you try it, you might think it also includes something a little bit magical.


Henna Hair Color

Condition & Enrich Hair With Natural Infusions Of Long-Lasting Color

In the majority of our plant-based and organic formulas, we’ve enriched our beauty and hair care goods with the incredible properties of the henna plant. Not only is it 100% all-natural, but it’s a safe, superior replacement for many of the other hair products on the modern market, which often contain harsh ingredients such as chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances. Free of ammonia, peroxide and other harmful chemicals.

We offer two primary types of natural hair color treatments in a spectrum of gorgeous, rich colors. To learn more and to order your henna hair color online now, check out our product pages for Classic Henna and 30-Minute Henna.

30-Minute Henna & Classic Henna

While the Original Classic Henna has no additional coloring added to it, all the other shades of the classic line are colors that come from vegetable and fruit extract. Since the Classic Henna Hair Colors are 100% natural – we recommend leaving it in the mixture on our hair for 3-4 hours for maximum coloring & conditioning.

The Reshma Beauty 30 Min Henna Hair Color, on the other hand, was created for those who are on a time crunch and need a quick color turnaround. Like the Classic line, the 30 min henna hair color also contains natural henna but it also includes active catalysts in order to speed up the process and give you a vibrant, deep color.

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