Why Henna? Henna-based products from Reshma Beauty are made only with natural, plant-based, and herbal ingredients. Henna is a healthy alternative to traditional box dyes as it doesn't contain toxic chemicals that damage your hair and strip your hair follicles. The proteins in henna bind to the hair follicles, coating each strand to lock in the color while also making the hair stronger, shinier, healthier, and working to rejuvenate dry, dull, and damaged hair. It is especially beneficial for people with gray hair as it full coats your hair, leaving it strong and lustrous.
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    Product Benefits-4
    Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
    Henna Shampoo
    Henna Conditioner
    Henna-Infused Hair Serum
    Henna Highlights
    30-Minute Henna Highlights - Natural Glow
    30 Minute Henna - Natural Violet
    Black Henna Hair Color
    30 Minute Henna - Natural Black
    Product Benefits-3
    Deep Conditioning Hair Mask - 12 Pack
    Dark Brown
    30 Minute Henna - Natural Dark Brown 
    Henna Haven Hair Care Bundle
    Henna Haven Deluxe Hair Care Bundle
    Product Benefits-Highlights
    Naturally Divine Hair & Skincare Set
    Light Brown
    30 Minute Henna - Natural Light Brown
    30 Minute Henna - Natural Chestnut
    Raven Black
    Classic Henna - Raven Black
    Wine Red
    30 Minute Henna - Natural Wine Red
    Midnight Blue
    30 Minute Henna - Natural Midnight Blue
    30 Minute Henna - Natural Burgundy
    Dark Chocolate
    Classic Henna - Dark Chocolate
    Classic Henna - Original
    Henna Cones - 12 pack
    Classic Henna - Toffee
    Playful Plum
    Classic Henna - Playful Plum
    Classic Henna - Rouge