Uses for Ubtan Turmeric Face Mask

Face masks are not a new phenomenon, its roots date back many centuries. Ubtan, also known as Turmeric Face & Body Mask are taking the beauty world by storm! People can’t stop raving about it. And we totally agree—Ubtan is an age-old mix of traditional ayurvedic ingredients that  carry multiple skincare benefits!

A Practice Rooted Deep In Custom

Turmeric Face & Body Mask is deeply trusted by the majority of South Asians. Indian weddings are incomplete without this magical mixture, as Ubtan is applied to Indian brides and grooms to increase their glow for the wedding day.

Ubtan: Turmeric Face & Body Mask

Reshma Beauty® Turmeric Face & Body Mask is an ayurvedic herbal mixture that works wonders by enhancing your glow and smoothing skin. It helps to clear blocked pores and provides soft, and healthy skin. With the antioxidant and antiseptic properties of turmeric, the mask also helps with irritated skin.

Cleanse The Body With A Natural Cleanser

Ubtan can also be used as a cleanser to minimize dark spots and pigmentation. Traditionally, it comes in a dry powder form. To use it, mix 2-3 tablespoons with a moisturizing ingredient that suits your skin type. For oily to normal skin, mix with Reshma Beauty® Rose Water Toner to help restore the pH balance of your skin and add cooling properties. For dry skin, mix with a heavy cream or unsweetened plain yogurt to help replenish the moisture your skin is craving. Once the paste is prepared, apply it evenly to your body and face. Let the paste sit for about 7-10 minutes until it dries out. Wash it off with warm water, or you can even rub it off. Another benefit of the Ubtan is that you can apply it on your underarms to reduce hyperpigmentation. Turmeric helps to  reduce pigmentation and even out the skin tone.

Ubtan Face & Body Mask by Reshma Beauty® is truly a skin savior with all its magical benefits. To order your Ubtan, visit