The Dynamic Duo - Honey & Lemon

Today, we want to talk to you about the detoxifying powers of the dynamic duo - honey and lemon. Check out our full YouTube video here.Let's start with lemon:

Lemon is a powerhouse of vitamin C, and has long been considered extremely beneficial in boosting immunity, improving skin quality, and aiding in digestion. When you apply lemon to your skin, it acts similarly to the way it acts inside of your body - it flushes out toxins. Thus, when you're in need of a detox from the inside out, be sure to drink some lemon and water. Here's an extra beauty hack too! Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, using a lemon-based face wash is a great way to heal your skin and boost your immunity!

Honey & Lemon

Now - let's move on to honey. Many don't know that honey is a rich source of antioxidants.  Therefore, it's great to have a tablespoon of honey daily for antibacterial action, nutrition, and increasing energy. When you apply honey extract  to your skin, it aids in intense hydration and removing impurities.

With a powerhouse of benefits associated with both honey and lemon, imagine what this dynamic duo can do for you daily. We encourage you to take care of yourself from the inside-out, which is why we'd like to recommend our Honey and Lemon Face Wash and our Honey Peel-Off Mask. Stay healthy, stay beautiful, and take care!