Reshma Beauty Receives Two Awards In One Day

May has been a happening month for Reshma Beauty®, bringing with it two winning titles.


Reshma Beauty Turmeric Moisturizing Soap Bar has won the NaturallyCurly Editor’s Choice 2018 as “Best Body Cleanser”. Editor’s Choice Awards is a competitive selection process, involving diligent and impartial testing of products by NaturallyCurly Editors for three months. According to Michelle Breyer, Co-Founder of Texture Media and NaturallyCurly, it was the Editor’s Choice Awards’ “most competitive year yet, with editors trying hundreds of products”.
It is worth noting that while the Reshma Beauty Turmeric Soap carries the title of Best Body Cleanser proudly, it is suitable not just for the body, but for the face as well. The Aloe Vera and Olive Oil contained in the soap are the perfect moisturizing ingredients to balance out your skin complexion. Use it daily to remove make up, or to simply rinse your face after a long day. If you suffer from acne or psoriasis – make sure to apply the Turmeric soap in those areas in particular.
The Turmeric Soap can be purchased at SHOP NaturallyCurly, Amazon, and Reshma Beauty® Online Shop.



The news of the Naturally Curly Editor’s Choice win coincided with another significant event: a recognition at the Reshma Dordi with Chuck Norris Grocers Supply “Commit to Community” Expo. This trade show takes place annually in Houston, and this year Reshma Beauty participated for the second year in a row, alongside none other than Chuck Norris and his CForce Water.
Attendees and Expo Staff alike lined up by the Reshma Beauty booth for a “hands on” experience of Reshma Henna - getting their beautiful henna body artwork done, while learning about the benefits of natural herbal ingredients from India for the health of their hair and skin.

The interactive presentation of the product, as well as the welcoming attitude, with Reshma Dordi herself heading the team and sharing the history and philosophy behind her natural-based products, won Reshma Beauty® an award of “Best Show Spirit”.
Reshma Beauty Team is honored and overjoyed to receive these two tokens of recognition.
We will continue to develop new and exciting products, bringing Nature’s Beat Kept Secrets to our customers’ homes.