Golden Honey - Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotic

Today, I want to talk about the difference between Eastern and Western medicine. For centuries in India, we followed East Asian medicinal remedies, which includes the branch of ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is a traditional form of Hindu medicine which emphasizes holistic bodily balance. Two of the most popular and most effective ayurvedic ingredients are honey and turmeric. Nowadays, experts in Western medicine, which have typically focused on chemical compounds, are seeing the power behind ayurvedic ingredients, particularly within honey and turmeric. The combination of these two ingredients is called “Golden Honey.”

Doctors have found that honey is a more effective antibiotic than many antibiotics that are chemically produced, because it does not create resistant bacteria. Researchers found that honey can be effectively applied topically and internally. In addition to honey, experts have widely lauded the health benefits of turmeric for many years. We, too, have told you about its disease-fighting, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti oxidative properties. Coupling turmeric with honey – a.k.a. golden honey – is now being researched as the world’s most powerful antibiotic. Western medicine practitioners have exponentially increased the use of honey and turmeric into contemporary medications and natural remedies. Here at Reshma Beauty®, our entire line of henna and skincare goods is inspired by Ayurveda, so of course we've incorporated golden honey (as well as turmeric and honey by themselves) into a variety of our natural beauty products. To experience the benefits of this powerful combination, we recommend our Honey and Lemon Face Wash, Honey Peel-Off Mask, and our Turmeric Gold Bundle (which includes a Turmeric Cream, Turmeric Soap, Turmeric Face Mask, and Turmeric Face Wash). Stay healthy, stay golden, and stay safe.