Fuller's Earth: a Natural Remedy for Skin Problems

If you have problematic skin that is prone to break outs or excessive oil secretion, you know how much that can affect your look, and consequently, your mood.
Multani Mitti, otherwise known as Fuller’s Earth, is a natural clay face mask that can help you with these issues. It is Nature’s Best Kept secret derived straight from the Earth and brought to the convenience of your home.
Multani Mitti deep cleanses your skin and stimulates blood circulation, helping remove all impurities, while also restoring pH balance for naturally smooth and soft skin.  In addition to that, Multani Mitti aids with pigmentation, helping reduce dark spots, and overall brightening your complexion.
This mask is very easy to use at home. For oily skin, just mix Multani Mitti with water. For dry skin that needs a little extra moisture, add milk or yogurt instead.
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