Black Lives Matter

Reshma Beauty® is not just a beauty company — we are an enterprise founded and owned by Indian women. We know as a company and as a larger community that we are indebted to the black community and other underrepresented populations for raising the floor for us in America. It's our turn to raise the floor for black Americans. Reshma Beauty® stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and we are proud to do so. But actions speak much louder than words. That's why we are active in the movement, not only through our efforts to donate and sign petitions, but also in our regular attendance of protests and public promotion of our stance so that all can see what we believe is worth fighting for. As a woman-owned business, we admire women of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but as we also stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, we feel it is more important than ever now to acknowledge, celebrate, and encourage expression of the natural beauty of black women. But beauty is not the only thing women have to offer — our founder, Reshma Dordi, can certainly attest to that! With that in mind, we want to take a moment to celebrate just a few of the most iconic and powerful black women in history:

The courageous freedom fighter, Rosa Parks, who was a champion in the civil rights movement and whose iconic bus boycott precipitated change all over the United States.

The inspiring poet and writer, Maya Angelou, whose quotes we should revisit at this time. We won't lose this momentum, we will continue to fight for change, and we hope you will too.

The beautiful and brilliant Michelle Obama, who is not only the first black woman to serve as First Lady, but who is also the writer of the best-selling novel, Becoming — along with a list of other accolades.

As a community of diverse backgrounds and identities, there is immense power in our decision to continue to stand by Black Lives Matter — not just for today or for a few months, but every day that the future brings with it. We will continue the marathon against racial injustice in America. If you haven't already, we encourage you to register to vote online. If you are able, we encourage you to donate to any or all of the organizations below: Black Lives Matter | Maya Angelou Public Charter School | Free Black Mamas | Justice for Breonna Taylor | The Bail Project | Act Blue Racism and Police Brutality Funds | George Floyd Memorial Fund | I Run With Maud


Everyone at Reshma Beauty® would like to extend a very grateful "Thank you" to Gunjan Gaheer for the beautiful painting featured at the top of this blog.