How to Prep Skin and Hair for the Holiday Season?

Finally, it’s time!

It’s the time of the year when we all take a break from the worldly hustle and go back to the love and comfort of our homes. The Holiday season is about delving into the rituals of bright lights and good vibes. And that is how we all want to look - bright and shining. However, in today’s world where every other product is full of harsh chemicals - add to that the overwhelming pollution - it’s not easy getting that perfect glow we all wish for. The good news is that there are natural products available which can help you achieve the skin and hair of your dreams! 

Go back to the Roots 

Have you ever wondered how our grandmothers used to look like a catch with zero make-up and filters? Yes, it was their choice of using the natural ingredients for their hair and skincare. Even the Queens from the much older era - used to bathe in milk infused with turmeric and rose - a practice that kept their skin glowing like a glazed doughnut. While we cannot follow the exact practices, we can aspire for something close. 

A beauty regime inspired by nature

Incorporate the following practices in your daily hair and skincare routine to notice an enhancement in your natural radiance and more manageable hair within a month. Note that natural products take their sweet time to show positive results, but they have zero side effects and do promise a visible change. The one you needed! There are tons of skin and hair products online, and below are the ones worth investing in. 

For skin  -

  • Go for skincare products infused with the goodness of turmeric and rose.
  • Clean your face with a turmeric face wash 
  • Wipe your face with a clean microfiber towel
  • Switch to a rose toner if you already have not
  • Apply a face cream power-packed with turmeric 
  • Apply a body lotion full of rose and turmeric extracts 
  • Seal the deal with a double layer of sunscreen!

For hair - 

  • Use natural shampoo containing aloe vera, Brahmi, and chamomile and do not ever forget to use a conditioner with the same ingredients. 
  • Switch to natural henna. It is easy to find synthetic hair colors online but they damage hair the most.
  • Deep condition with a hair mask at least twice weekly for fuller volume and softer texture. 
  • According to Ayurveda - oiling hair once a week can aid growth
  • Use hair serums infused with henna to control frizziness 

No matter how problematic your skin and hair feel right now, if you switch to a natural beauty regime and religiously follow the above practices - you will be able to achieve all your beauty goals. Bringing the inner beauty out is simple and inexpensive - you just need to clear the clutter, stick to a few natural ingredients and be consistent. Beauty is skin deep that is why in addition to the above best practices, focus on having wholesome, nutritious meals and getting sound sleep. Remember, you can only look as beautiful as you feel.