Top Five Reasons Why You Should Dye Your Hair With Henna

If you are reading this you are probably giving some serious thought into coloring your hair, whether it is to create a fresh and exciting new look or to cover up the grey's that are starting to show. Just in case you can’t stand using harsh chemicals or dyes, henna might be the best choice for you - and we’ve listed five reasons why.

Less Toxic Than Traditional Boxed Dye

Ordinary hair dye is full of chemicals, including ammonia and peroxide. The chemicals that are used strip your hair of color and they also penetrate the hair shaft, which causes all sorts of problems. The chemicals in typical hair dyes will make your hair dry and brittle it can also cause havoc on your scalp. Henna hair color, on the other hand, is a natural alternative that won’t penetrate the hair shaft, which makes it less toxic on your hair. If you're feeling especially inspired to try it out for yourself, just visit our online shop.

Excellent Grey Coverage

Dying your color with henna is an excellent way to cover up those unsightly grey hairs and, honestly, it's not a stretch to say that this natural pigment provides the best grey coverage out of any alternative product in the haircare market. Unlike parabens, harsh synthetics, and other "beauty product" chemicals, henna doesn’t strip the hair of color or compromise its structure. Instead, henna coats the hair with silky, semi-permanent color. Coating the hair in this way allows for more even coverage of grey areas, as well as more comprehensive, natural-looking coverage near the roots.

Safe To Use Frequently

One of the downsides to coloring your hair is having to deal with touch-ups and re-colors as hair lengthens and new hairs begin to grow in. Because hair grows from the root of the follicle, as your locks lengthen over time, your natural hair color will start to show at the same rate. This often leaves you feeling less confident, since hair admittedly looks pretty awkward when it's in need of a color touch-up. With traditional boxed hair dyes, you often have to wait for a longer period of time between colorings because of the harsh chemicals found in them. With henna hair color, on the other hand, there are no chemicals in the product, so it is safe to use as frequently as you need it.

Wide Range of Colors

For those of you who are worried that henna only comes in a few colors, worry no more. Henna hair color actually comes in a wide range of colors; you might be surprised at just how many you have to choose from. Henna hair color can be found in natural, normal shades, such as dark brown, auburn, light brown, and black; but it can also be designed to deliver more adventurous, eye-catching hues, including midnight blue, maroon, wine red, violet, and many other fun and flattering tones.

Reshma Beauty® offers a full-line assortment of henna hair color products, all of which are made with our signature natural henna base. Each hair color is carefully combined with specifically chosen infusions of other luxurious plant-based ingredients, many of which complement and enhance the vibrancy of the shade selected. Handcrafted and thoughtfully designed, just a few of our most popular henna hair colors include Natural Burgundy, Raven Black, and Playful Plum.

>Easy to Apply at Home

If you are using a traditional box dye because of how easy it is to use at home, you can rest assure that henna hair color is just as simple to use. Every box of henna hair color comes with detailed instructions that you'll want to follow to ensure everything is done correctly. The biggest precaution you must take is to apply Vaseline around your hairline to prevent the henna from staining your skin.

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No matter which shade of henna hair color appeals to your sense of style and personal preferences, you're guaranteed to be more than satisfied with the outcome, especially if it's a Reshma Beauty® blend. Shop online 24/7 at Reshma Beauty® and find the henna hair dye that fits your fancy! The final result you can expect? Irresistibly gorgeous, long-lasting and vibrant color — all without a single synthetic chemical. Can your boxed hair dye do that?