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Reshma® Rosemary Soap


As you begin your nightly beauty routine, imagine no​ more separate products​ designed for oily skin, another product to help soothe​, and another one to help moisturize. The Reshma® Rosemary Deep Moisturizing Bar does all of that and more. Infused with rosemary essential oil this bar of soap will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed, as it also tones and rehydrates your skin. Olive oil and aloe vera extract add some much-needed moisture to dry, sun damaged skin.

Rosemary originally came from the Mediterranean region, but it can be grown successfully in a variety of climates. A member of the mint family, rosemary is an evergreen with needle-shaped leaves with pale blue flowers. The oil is extracted from the flowering tips of the plant through a steam distillation process. Rosemary essential oil screams clean as it has a very crisp, clean smell to it. Rosemary has many therapeutic properties, it is also a very powerful antioxidant. Its use can be traced back to ancient times.

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