Henna Haven Hair Care Bundle

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Nourish & Nurture Your Beauty & Wellness With All-Natural Henna

Henna Haven Hair Care Bundle



    One (1) Reshma® Beauty Henna Shampoo, One (1) Reshma® Beauty Henna Conditioner, One (1) Reshma® Beauty Henna Infused Oil for Normal Hair, and One (1) Henna Infused Reshma® Beauty Deep Conditioner Hair Mask


Find your ideal version of personal spa time with our Henna Haven Hair Care Bundle. This 5-piece product sampler is infused with all the right ingredients to tackle dryness and breakage on every strand, from every angle. The Henna Haven Hair Care Bundle is basically an all-natural, all-purpose solution for healthy hair! Each Reshma Beauty Henna Haven set comes with one (1) of each of the following:

  • Your Choice of:
    • 30 Minute Henna Hair Color, or
    • Classic Henna Hair Color
  • Henna Shampoo
  • Henna Conditioner
  • Henna Infused Oil for Normal Hair
  • Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – infused with all the right ingredients to tackle dryness and breakage from every angle.


Step 1: Apply your selected Reshma Beauty Henna Hair Color product (either 30 Minute Henna or Classic Henna). Luxuriate and enjoy the gorgeous results of damage-free coloring, boosted with ingredients to strengthen each and every hair strand. Leave color on for the specified amount of time.

Step 2: Wash with the Henna Shampoo, rinse, and repeat with the matching conditioner. This helps polish your strands and clean the chlorine out of them.

Step 3: Apply our Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. This mask is infused with henna, hydrating wheat protein, grapeseed oil, Argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, chamomile, rosemary, and extracts of aloe vera — specially selected and formulated to give your hair the nutrition it needs for days on end.

Step 4: Apply a small amount of our Henna Infused Oil for Normal Hair. This quintessential infusion is stoked with cinnamon oil, olive oil, almond oil, clove oil — but the star ingredient, as always, is henna, working its marvelous magic as a leave-in conditioner full of nothing but natural goodness.

This bundle includes One (1) 30 Minute Henna Color or Classic Henna Color, One (1) Henna Shampoo, One (1) Henna Conditioner, One (1) Henna Deep Conditioning Hair Mask and One (1) Henna Infused Oil for Normal Hair

About Our Henna Products

Our henna isn’t a beauty secret. It's a timeless tradition.

Our henna is made using only all-natural and organic ingredients, just like the first henna powders and pigments that were first made in India centuries ago. The natural powers and nourishing properties of henna were discovered long before our modern times, but there’s a reason we continue to harness their natural properties and herbal benefits in our hair care formulas today.

At Reshma, we use only all-natural henna and herbal ingredients in our hair care formulas, which include a wide range of beautifying, fortifying, and naturally nourishing products. Our henna is infused with care into our organic offerings for hair color, hair masks, and shampoo and conditioner. We also offer restorative hair serums and oils to add a vibrant touch of natural glow and gloss.

Trust Badges_100% Natural & Organic Henna copy

100% Natural & Organic Henna

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No Artificial Or Synthetic Ingredients

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Supports Healthy Hair & Skin

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No Harsh Chemicals or Parabens

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Nourishes & Moisturizes

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Revitalizes & Restores Natural Glow

Benefits Of Henna — Beauty, Wellness, & Beyond

Why Henna? Even though it’s been countless years since its first use for beauty and cultural practices, today, henna remains a vital traditional element of many Eastern cultures and traditions — as well as an extremely beneficial ingredient in our natural hair care and skin care products. Henna-based products from Reshma are made only with all-natural, plant-based, and herbal ingredients — but when you try it, you might think it also includes something a little bit magical.


Henna Hair Color

Condition & Enrich Hair With Natural Infusions Of Long-Lasting Color

In the majority of our plant-based and organic formulas, we’ve enriched our beauty and hair care goods with the incredible properties of the henna plant. Not only is it all-natural, but it’s a safe, superior replacement for many of the other hair products on the modern market, which often contain harsh ingredients such as chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances.

We offer two primary types of natural hair color treatments in a spectrum of gorgeous, rich colors. To learn more and to order your henna hair color online now, check out our product pages for Classic Henna and 30-Minute Henna.

Henna Skin Care

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