Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

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Nourish & Nurture Your Beauty & Wellness With All-Natural Henna

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask


This indulgent deep conditioning hair mask is deeply moisturizing, softening, and hydrating, making it an ideal choice for an at-home conditioning treatment.

Is especially beneficial for dry, damaged, or chemically processed hair.

1 fl. oz. / 44 ml

Made in India

Customer Reviews

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Tamelo Ramgoolam

Love it

Love it! :)

Good afternoon I was so excited to try the hair mask! So today I did! I washed my hair twice and the second time rinsed with tolerable hot water to really open the pores on my scalp and my hair cuticles and I squeezed the excess water from my head and applied 90% of that packet to my hair, really focusing from mid head down to my ends. I gently massaged it in my hair and massaged it in my scalp. I then clipped it on the top of my Head and allowed it to sit for 20 min while I finished whatever I need to in the shower and then I rinsed it…(did not use any other conditioner at all) And I let my hair air dry and I love it! Thank you so much for it !:))

Amazing product!

This product is amazing! It is the best conditioner that I have ever used after trying many natural and other deep conditioning products, including argan oil, moroccan oil, almond oil conditioners. However, after first use, my hair is so silky, smooth, soft and shiny. I can’t believe that one product could accomplish all that. I gave this to a few people to try, including my daughter and all of them had the same results. Trying this product was the best decision I ever made. Love, love it!

About Our Hair Care Products

Reshma Beauty’s Hair Care is Nature’s Best Kept Secret!

Our haircare products are made using only the finest, all-natural ingredients to help nourish & provide natural shine for healthy hair.


At Reshma, we use only all-natural and herbal ingredients in our hair care formulas, which include a wide range of beautifying, fortifying, and naturally nourishing products.  Natural & potent ingredients are infused with care into our organic offerings for hair masks, and shampoo & conditioner. We also offer restorative hair serums and oils to add a vibrant touch of natural glow and gloss.

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100% Natural & Organic

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No Artificial Or Synthetic Ingredients

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Supports Healthy Hair & Skin

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Nourishes & Moisturizes

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Revitalizes & Restores Natural Glow

Benefits Of Nature — Beauty, Wellness, & Beyond

Why natural ingredients? Natural ingredients have withstood the test of time.  Natural products are gentle, soothe irritation, and are more earth-friendly than chemical counterparts. Don't mask hair problems - use naturally derived ingredients that provide hair with the nutrients needed for properly nourished hair. Nourish your scalp and grow healthy hair - your hair will thank you!


Haircare With Reshma

Condition & Enrich Hair With Natural & Potent ingredients.

Our hair products are a natural and safe alternative to the other hair products on the modern market, which often contain harsh ingredients such as chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances.

We offer a full line of hair care products - shampoo & conditioner, deep conditioning masks, serums & oils to nourish and strengthen your hair.

Coconut Oil, Henna & Exotic Oils

You came for something that truly works to nourish and care for your hair. We use powerful formulations that include coconut, henna, and exotic oils to add shine, nourish your hair, and reduce frizz without being too heavy.