South Asia has been the leading innovator of beauty secrets from the beginning of time. Countries like India and Pakistan, as well as areas in the Middle East are the regions where natural beauty rituals have been passed down from generation to generation. Using henna has become one of the best natural remedies for hair color and conditioning.

Today, Reshma® Beauty would like to share that tradition with the world. Our lines of Classic Henna, 30 Minute Henna, Skin Care, Oils, Soaps, and our newly added Henna Infused Deep Conditioner, Reshma Beauty products provide you with healthy and environmentally friendly options for beautification.

In today’s chemical world, more and more women are searching for products that are healthy and safe for their bodies. Reshma® Beauty transcends age, gender and ethnicities and is safe for anyone to use, anytime. These days, people are more health-conscious than ever before, and desire all-natural, green, healthy and safe beauty options. As a result of there being so few natural beauty choices in the mainstream market, Reshma® Beauty’s growing popularity in brand recognition has far exceeded beyond the South Asian market. A few examples of such mass recognition include Reshma® Beauty winning the ‘Best New Product’ at ECRM, Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing.

With a history spanning over 20 years, Reshma® Beauty is a family owned business, which operates from farms based in India.

Reshma® Beauty CEO, Reshma Dordi continues to push through her father’s brand philosophies with innovative new products and  reaching new customers and markets every day. Our hope is that you enjoy nature’s best kept secret.

Founder and CEO of Reshma® Beauty, Reshma Dordi was featured on Lifetime channel. On their premier women’s morning show, The Balancing Act where she talks about the natural and healthy ways of managing your hair.

About Reshma Dordi

Reshma Dordi, former Miss LA India, began her career with Palken Radio, featuring South Asian music and entertainment. After earning her degree in Communications, emphasizing Broadcast Journalism, Reshma joined CNN’s Showbiz as a director and producer. Shortly after, Reshma established Pearl Entertainment, Inc., which hosts movie premiers, beauty pageants, and charitable events.

Reshma Dordi has experienced plenty of media exposure and recognition herself, appearing on such TV and radio shows like, NBC’s Today Show, CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment, Sony Entertainment Television, Doordarshan, KNX News Radio and will also be appearing in an upcoming interview on Lifetime TV in regards to her all natural product line, Reshma® Beauty.

In addition, Reshma was recently honored by the city of Beverly Hills for her involvement in sharing Indian culture both locally and globally and for her charitable works. Such charitable works include providing educational scholarships under Pearl Entertainment, Inc., sponsoring Pratham, which aids in resolving child illiteracy in India and fundraising for various causes like, “Great Stars for a Great Cause,” where Bollywood Superstars, Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty and other prominent personalities were gathered with Reshma’s help in raising over $80,000.00 in funds for September 11th victims’ children.

Alongside Reshma’s extraordinary TV and radio career, her family took on a flourishing henna business of their own, Reshma® Beauty, while cultivating the product on their farms in India. Reshma Beauty, now led by Reshma Dordi herself, is one of the leading brands in demand for over the last 20 years in the South Asian market, and is rapidly expanding into today’s mainstream market as well.

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