Meet Reshma Dordi Founder of Reshma® Beauty

Reshma Dordi is an award-winning journalist and one of the most seasoned presenters

in the United States. She is also the executive producer and lead anchor of the premier

watched South Asian show in the US, titled ‘Showbiz India’ which has been broadcasting

on air for the past 18 years and has over a million viewers. Dordi has interviewed many

A-list artists since the inception of the show.

Dordi is also the executive producer and anchor of a brand new TV show called

‘Luminaries’ which highlights the stories of successful South Asians based in the United

States. Through the medium of this show, Dordi aims to inspire and empower young

minds all over the world by sharing the struggle and success stories of pioneers and

masterminds, in technology, science, arts, business and many other fields.

In addition to that, Dordi is also the owner of ‘Reshma Beauty’ which offers an all-natural

line of beauty products especially, Reshma Henna which a highly in-demand product in

the South Asian community and rapidly expanding to a mainstream market as well.

Dordi is a Harvard University graduate in Digital Marketing and also possesses a

Bachelor’s degree in Communications, specializing in Broadcast Journalism. Dordi, who

was former Miss LA India, began her career at CNN’s Showbiz as a producer. Shortly

after, Reshma established Pearl Entertainment, Inc., which produces TV shows

(Showbiz India, Luminaries), commercials and also hosts movie premiers, beauty

pageants, and charitable events.

Dordi has experienced plenty of media exposure and recognition herself, appearing on

such TV and radio shows like, NBC’s Today Show, CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, E!

Entertainment, Sony Entertainment Television, Doordarshan, KNX News Radio and

Lifetime TV.

Dordi was honored by the State of California for promoting South Asian culture to

mainstream America. In addition to that, Dordi was recently honored by the city of

Beverly Hills for her contribution in TV reporting, Media and Journalism. She is also a

board of trustee for the Maitri Organization which is a NGO based in the San Francisco

Bay Area, that primarily helps families from South Asia facing domestic violence,

emotional abuse, cultural alienation, human trafficking or family conflict.

Her other charitable works include educational scholarships under Pearl Entertainment,

Inc., sponsoring Pratham, which aids in resolving child illiteracy in India and fundraising

for various causes like, “Great Stars for a Great Cause,” where Bollywood Superstars

and other prominent personalities were gathered with Dordi’s help in raising thousands

of dollars in educational funding for the September 11 th victims’ children.

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  1. Robert Hammer says:

    I think Reshma Dordi is one of the most beautiful woman in the world, I’m a man with very long hair almost down to my belt, I’m interested in what I could do to help my hair from breaking, it’s breaking like crazy I have short hair long hair really long hair I can’t keep it out of my face because I got too much loose hair falling in my face, what can I do to help my hair? What can or should I use to help it from breaking so much?

    1. Reshma Beauty says:

      Robert, thank you for your kind comment! We have a blog post addressing hair breakage with recommendations for best products to use – you may view it via this link:
      Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with

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