Kale Trifecta!

Click here to watch our full YouTube video on this topic. Kale is among one of the most nutrient-dense foods, and one of the best sources of Vitamin K. Given all of its health benefits and how essential it is for day-to-day bodily functions, Vitamin K seems quite underrated. It is critical for normal blood clotting (as it plays a role in the activation of coagulating proteins) and equally important for bone health and optimal skeletal development. Additionally, kale is a high source of beta-carotene, which supports Vitamin A absorption, as well as contributes to the plant's natural antioxidant content, which contains many cancer-fighting properties. So, be sure to fortify your body with this nutrient-packed leafy green. If you can't get onboard with certain flavors, fruits, or vegetables, fear not — there are more ways to fortify your body with vital nutrients than through eating alone. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and much like our lungs internally absorb the particulates of the air we breathe, our skin externally absorbs notable amounts of every substance through the pores and follicles of its surface. That’s why during times of stress, anxiety, or sickness, it is essential to take care of your skin too! When you put kale on your skin, it not only absorbs all of kale's vitamins and minerals, but it also detoxifies your skin, which helps clear breakouts. Therefore, to maximize the healing and healthful attributes of superfood kale, we recommend eating the superfood and using it topically in skincare and beauty products on a regular basis.

With that in mind, we'd like to recommend our ultra-nourishing Kale Trio, which includes our Kale Scrub, Kale Face Wash, and Kale Peel-Off Mask! For those who are wondering, the differences in these products is that our scrub is designed to exfoliate skin and help it breathe, while our face wash cleanses and soothes. Lastly, our Kale Peel-Off Mask should be used after exfoliating and washing once per week to repair skin tissue and boost your kale-supported glow! With the help of this superfood skincare trifecta, your skin will be at its best. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay beautiful.